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I will post more stuff if I can

2009-06-30 14:23:08 by Akiimu

I understand I haven't posted anything on here since Dungeons and Swords (I recently uploaded a preloader so it won't buffer during the middle for viewers who are watching).

I've been caught up with college work and such.

I have some pencil tests but won't upload anything til the end of my semester.

For those who are expecting more stuff from me. Thank you for your patience.

-Til Next Time


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2009-06-30 16:34:48

what you mean thank you for your patience?

Akiimu responds:

thank you for being patient while waiting for me to post another animation (directed to those who asked me to upload more work).


2009-09-02 02:00:31

Hey man, I was just bored around the internet, how's your flash animation goin? Anyways... waiting to see whatever else you can do.